5 Design Ideas for your Living Room!

If one says that the living room is the heart of a house, I indeed agree with that. The living room is the place where you spend most of the time of your day. Trends keep on changing day by day, time to time, and country to country. What’s found perfect in the New World may not be fit on the perfection scale of the old world and vice versa. So, the designing and furnishing of the living room should be according to the demand of the locality and of course, keeping an account of your comfort level. 

Play with colours, schemes, themes, patterns, styles, and leave an imprint of your perfection on every single inch of your living room. Décor your living room in a trendy and classy manner and believe me, you will fall in love with your innovation. Let’s have a look at some better design ideas that would help you uplift your living room. 

KOPA Fabrics

Colourful seating arrangement Light walls with vibrant coloured seating, make a perfect look for your living room. Accent chairs, sofas, bar-stools having bold shades are trending these days. These dark colours are complimented by light wall colour and soft texture of the surrounding with these jewel tones like emerald green, ruby sapphire blue coloured seating blazing in the centre. 

Facett Lounge Seat

Facett Lounge

Facett Loveseat


Light up your living room The brighter it is, the more elegant look it gives. A well-lighted living room offers a classy look. You can put on a glamorous chandelier, fairy lights, or simple recessed lights to add to the beauty of your living room. Light fixtures add more space and enhance the elegance of the desired place. If these lights are complemented with light walls and mirrors, it will give an indescribably magnificent look to your living room. 

XO Lamp

XO Lamp

Cushions and pillow selection Cushions and pillows though seem like accessories, but they add up a lot in beautifying your living room. More cushions on the sofas and floor cushions are flattering to the comfort and finishing of the designing. Swapping up the cushion covers and adding a variety of textures, motifs, colours, and prints can give your living room an energetic and the desired look. 

 More Cushions

More Cushions

Play with the pattern The pattern is the basic component of a theme. Wrong and mismatched patterns with the theme can make your layout look a bit weird and unattractive. The complimenting patterns in rugs, curtains, cushions, and walls with the item will make everyone praise your choice and designing ability. Colours should be carefully chosen while working on interior designing. 

Twist Stools

To give your living room, the best look, you don’t always need an interior designer. Just think wisely and choose carefully what you think suits your home and goes best with the theme of your living room. A pleasant living room would be a guarantee to make you love your time at home.