5 Reasons why this is the best Sofa to Start your life!

So now you are standing in your living room, probably having a million questions about selecting the best sofa for your space. “What style should I go for?” “Does it match my wallpaper?” “It’s so expensive, should I get a sofa at all?” Fear not, here are some reasons why the Kube could be your ultimate living room solution for the next 20 years.

It shows your personality with minimal effort

Imagine it all starts in your uni years when, probably for the first time, you have a space all to yourself outside your parents’ house. Being young, fresh and creative as you were, why would you settle for a couch so dull that you can’t even change the colour?

We are huge fans of creativity and customisation here at KOPA. With Kube, its removable upholstery allows you to play around with the colour combination all to your liking. Now sit back and shush about your self-introduction, let colours do the talk.

It goes perfectly with cuddling

Fast forward a bit, perhaps you’ve met your other half. Among your busy schedules, being able to snuggle together on the couch is one thing that takes your mind off from all the trifling distractions in your life.

If you ask me, the triple seater is just the right one to Netflix and chill.

It saves the hassle of moving 

When you are finally moving into a home with your partner, in between the anxious packing and organising, you barely have the time to worry about what to do with the sofa that’s brought you years of comforts and joy.

Well, the good news is, you don’t have to throw that old sofa away.

The installation process of Kube is entirely troublefree, as the couch is assembled by push-pin connectors and tool-less thumb screws. It came in a box, and it’ll go with you in one.

It grows with your family

As you step into the unknown world of adulting and parenting (scary thoughts), you realise that you need more space for the new addition in your family.

Don’t worry, Kube adopts a flexible modular sofa system, where you could freely add more sections to the couch considering your needs. Why bother replacing the entire couch, when sustainable furniture is the new fashion?

Eventually, it will have a story to tell

Someday, when you reflect upon life and start going all nostalgic with your kids, we hope you would think that having the Kube in your home is one of the best decisions you’ve made.

KOPA believes in providing our customers with sustainable products that are produced with premium quality, but above all, a story to tell. Now is your time to join us, to live daringly, to live differently, to live affectionately, to live #yourkopalife.