Co-Working Spaces take on the KUBE
With the re-launch of our website, and additional products well on their way out the door, we're glad to see that the boys at AEONA co-working space out in Surry Hills have decided to select the KUBE as a seating point in the space. 

AEONA itself houses a brilliant cohort of entrepreneurs, similar to KOPA, all giving it a red hot go. The space is energetic and breathes innovation. We are thrilled to have the KUBE sitting there and if anyone out there is interested in seeing the KUBE or looking for a desk space to work, please visit the guys at AEONA!

We'll be in touch with the team there to see how the KUBE fairs, in the meantime we hope to see more of our product out there in the wild!

For more information on AEONA, head to their website here.