So how's everyone doing? A few things have happened this year ... Lockdowns, anti-vax protests, the French seem pretty upset, nuclear subs, people-pleasing themselves in parliament ... oh and the Olympics. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Greco roman wrestling 

Anyways, while the world continued to eat itself, I decided maybe it was time to bring KOPA back. So I'm starting, 'Operation Resuscitation.' 😂

My plan is to focus on bringing you guys unique products, starting with lighting. Products that you will absolutely love and cherish, be keen to show your friends, ideally when they visit post-pandemic,💉 which is scheduled for never. But hey, you can always take selfies and post them on your social channels because we all crave attention. 🤳

I digress. To keep KOPA moving, I'm releasing a new Lamp. It's like the XO Lamp, but pretty much better in all areas but one. The XO will always be number one in our minds, however listening to all of our KOPA fans, everyone wanted more features, more this more that. Always just more more ... 🤙

Well, I genuinely hope you like the O-Lamp. As with all things KOPA, we made a video. So we hope you can support us by being part of Operation Resuscitation. If you've read this far, Save yourself $15 and pre-order it today. Punch in the code: PRE15O

This is the first of many unique products I'll be bringing you!

Thanks for listening to my rant. I know you all secretly love this stuff. I mean, what else are you going to read, the news?