How it Started, How it's going ...

The original Trio at KOPA HQ (Aka Jason's Garage)


My name is Jason, and I am one of the founders of KOPA. (A small boutique homewares brand based out of Sydney, Australia)
If you’re wondering why you’re receiving this message, well you probably signed up to our subscription list or purchased something from KOPA.

I wanted to share a journey with you guys. I started this business along with Joseph about 3 years ago, originally with the idea to create a unique designer grade products company that would be accessible on a reasonable budget.

Things where going GREAT!

We had some success in our earlier years and had great support from friends and family.

In our first year, we made a profit of over $100,000. (Not a huge amount) but considering we did this on a budget and completely on our own, we’re very proud of what we achieved, and we were excited about the future!

For the record, we designed about 90% of the products you saw. We did it with a team of 3.

Kube Concept

KUBE specs

KOPA Products

Oh How the Mighty have Fallen ... 😂

I remember spending weeks, trying to understand the intricacies of online marketing, and testing different variables along with handling the tricky and at times overwhelming tasks of Supply chains.

Then came 2020....

Holy bejesus, that was tough. Around April this year, we decided it simply wasn’t viable for us to trade our larger designer items. We hemorrhaged cash and as a result, had to wind-back our operations. Sadly this meant we had to move out of our studio on Australia Street. This was not an easy decision.


Closing SALE.... (Not Really)

So, why am I messaging you? Well, We’re looking to move some of our remaining stock. We currently have 51 XO Lamps left, and this will most likely be the last batch we ever make. Considering the current economic climate and condition it’s simply not viable for us in the immediate future to work on KOPA

If you wish to get your hands on the last remaining XO LAMPS, we encourage you to do so.

Just a little on the XO Lamp, there are many like it on the market. But none as detailed and of quality as ours. We put in some serious work, to source the best suppliers and ensured the quality of the lamp was something that would last a life time!

XO Lamp

What Does it Mean for KOPA

We’re collecting our thoughts and looking forward to the new year, we genuinely tried our very best to create a unique brand which would provide originality, and affordability to people who appreciated a well thought out product. We succeeded in design, however, we realised our weakness was in our understanding of marketing and supply chains. We also tried to do too much, we designed 13 products, built a 3D web builder, and even an APP.

We’ve been dealt a blow this year with COVID, but I won’t say this is the end of KOPA.

If anyone is thinking of going down this path, please don't hesitate to get in contact with me directly. I'm more than happy to discuss what went wrong, and what went right!

I genuinely want to thank anyone who showed an interest in our products. From our American customers and our local Aussie customers know that for better or for worst, we seriously put a whole lotta love and thought into these products, and we are seriously grateful for everyone who has supported us.

In the meantime, I will be spending some time building a new service that will assist businesses locally here in Sydney Australia.

If you're interested in continuing this journey, I'll be shooting you all a message from our new adventure DISCOVRR

From Myself & Joseph, for now, please stay safe, and wishing you all a fantastic holiday break. 

Jason Lu Joseph Rowe

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XO Lamp