Virtual showroom at your fingertips: Introducing KopaLens!

Let’s be honest here: most of us have very mixed feelings about moving into a new house. We are excited about the new life ahead but at the same time, we know that we would have to power through the struggle of selecting the most suitable furniture.

And believe me, there is nothing more frustrating than the moment when you have browsed a thousand showrooms in your city, just to find that “perfect” sofa you eventually purchased is too big for your space, or that its colour seems annoyingly incompatible with the rest of the room.  

But don’t you worry, we’ve got your back here at KOPA. Recently launched on Google Play and App Store, KopaLens is our latest augmented reality (AR) app that helps you assess KOPA products from a 360° view of your space before purchasing.

So, how does this work?

To get yourself started with KopaLens, all you need to do is navigating through the Four S’s: scan, select, see and snap!

The app begins by measuring your designated space via the lens on your phone and helping products to be adjusted to appropriate sizes. After the size is confirmed, you can simply place, add and play around with different items within the scene as you wish, or you can share a snap of the scene to your family and friends to hear about their thoughts.

With KopaLens, you’ll have the chance to interact with our furniture however and wherever you want. We take it as our mission to provide you with not only the good products, but also the right products.

True-to-scale, true to yourself

KopaLens is developed for a better product visualisation with great accuracy. We pay close attention to the details of the measurements, colours and fabrics as we strive to reproduce our items as precise as possible. With iOS and Android systems that are equipped with AR tools, our items ranging from the X-O Lamp to the KUBE sofa are all correctly reduced in accord to the scale of your preferred space.

For a more complete experience, another amazing complementary tool—Kopa Builder—is currently available on our website. It is a 3D viewer that allows you to alter the configuration, colour, material and accessories of our products, and to help you further customise the furniture considering your personal needs. How awesome is that? I mean, seriously, you don’t even need to leave your existing sofa to buy a new one!

Embrace the future
For this project, we’ve teamed up with Plattar from Melbourne to work together in achieving our goal of creating designs for the digital age; Rupert Deans, the founder of Plattar, is confident about the prospect of this technology. “Very soon we can expect augmented reality to become a part of everyday life,” he says.
For us, this is also the beginning of a new journey. As time goes by, we would always preserve and fulfil our promise of providing accessible and responsible Australian design in the digital age. But most importantly, we hope you will be there with us.

Download KopaLens on Google Play and App Store today!