Sweet Style, Sweeter Cost: Living Room Styling Tricks that Won’t Break Your Bank

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Look, we’re just going to put this out there — designing a luxurious vibe for your home is not an easy task, especially when you have no intention of maxing out all of your credit cards. Not to mention that, as one of the places where we spend hours working, relaxing and socialising, an effortlessly elegant living room sounds like a mythical creature that we can only spot in interior design magazines.

However, a few wise men (and by that I mean Westlife) once said, nothing is impossible! We’ve gathered a few effective tricks for you to create a high-end looking and practical living room without putting too much pressure on the budget. (Unless, of course, you vibe with living rooms styles like Kim K’s abandoned museum/minimalist monastery, in which case definitely just go for it).

1. Invest in high-quality furniture that lasts longer

If you are still at the planning stage if decorating your new house, do try to aim for quality over quantity. It is often true that, despite the fact that cheap furniture could save you some bucks, high-quality furniture lasts longer, tends to be more versatile and earns back your investment in the long term.

One of our most beloved pieces here at KOPA is the FACETT lounge, which is designed specifically to meet the needs of customers like you so that it can be the sofa of your life. Non-spill fabrics, strong steel-frame base and ergonomically enjoyable seats, ‘nuff said.

2. Sometimes all it takes is the colour

If you are feeling adventurous, consider the possibility of mix and match the colours in your palette to create a brand-new look for the living room.

While darker shades of walls tend to bring depth to the room, we also love flooring and furniture of lighter colours which makes the room cosy and welcoming during the day. Get creative and experiment with your own palette!

3. Bring in a novel piece of home décor

Nevertheless, sometimes (re)decorating is as much about the actual room as it is about the lifestyle.

For example, starting from the simple pleasure of having a few drinks with your mates, why not invest in some quirky coasters or an elegant drink cart to spice things up?

4. Cushions, cushions, cushions

It is important that we always have (and I can’t stress this enough) MORE cushions! Arguably the most flexible piece in any room, try and experiment with different sizes, colours and textiles to create a new vibe.

What’s that? There are already enough cushions? Nah-ah, there’s never too many cushions, we love cushions!

5. Rearrange the furniture

If you have been living in the same old space for several years, it is understandable that there are certain kinds of fatigue around the existing aesthetics. However, instead of hastily bringing in new furniture, try to rethink about how your room is presented and swap things around.

This could be things as easy as pulling the furniture away from the wall to create a sense of space in the room, or moving the focal point away from larger components such as the television to smaller things like a coffee table and a piece of artwork. Either way, you could easily feel like having a new room with some simple shuffling!

Happy decorating!


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