Start A Minimalist Life With These Simple Tips!

We all know that every beginning is difficult, and sometimes it doesn’t seem to get easier from there on either. When you bravely embrace a new lifestyle, things could get pretty frustrating when you find out that you can barely keep it together after a couple of weeks. Well, don’t worry, we have collected some tips in maintaining a happy and healthy minimalist lifestyle to share with you.

Proceed slowly

Wow, now hold on a second! Where are you going with all your stuff?

Melissa McCarthy, Life of the Party

If you’ve just taken your first step towards the minimalist lifestyle, why not start with a small clutter-free zone at home and gradually expand it? It could be from your sofa, bed or desk. Either way, it’s important to realise that minimalism is not about throwing away everything that you own, but about keeping everything that you need.

For once in your life, stay in your comfort zone

Find a comfortable spot on the spectrum of minimalism and persuade yourself to stay there. Leading this lifestyle doesn’t mean that you are supposed to entirely dress in black and white for the rest of your life or to always own less than 50 items.

Pick a favourite colour for your furniture, choose a nice bathroom candle and work out the best route for you, because there is never a way that minimalism is “supposed to be like”.

Ron Swanson, Parks and Recreation

Aim for quality over quantity

Although it's often mentioned to people who are at the beginning of a minimalist lifestyle, purchasing high-quality items is also helpful in maintaining this manner of living in the long term.

Take clothes as an example: a basic sweater of premium quality goes well with many outfits, lasts for years, could easily be reworked and, most importantly, saves all the time you would spend on browsing; not to mention how this could (miraculously) save some extra bucks for you!

Find a buddy

Donald Glover, Danny Pudi, Community

No doubt, adopting a minimalist lifestyle could be a bit like getting fit. From time to time, they will become a bit (emotionally or physically) tiring, which is exactly the reason why you need a friend who shares the same interest to keep you inspired and motivated in these situations.

Hey, here’s an idea: why not start a little blog together to collect your daily inspiration? Although you don’t have to eventually become quite as famous as groups like The Minimalists, you could still keep a sense of novelty by exploring the variation within the lifestyle.

Be proud of it

Minimalism is as trendy as it is misunderstood. Believe it or not, the fear of being judged is one of the most common reasons why people step away from the minimalist lifestyle.

In an article by James Altucher, he said: “If I judge myself for something I did wrong then I just did two things I don’t like to do: the wrong thing, and the judging. Minimalism is about not judging yourself or others.”

So let this be your inspiration. Last but not least, be proud of who you are, and the amazing life you choose to live!

Leslie Jones, Colin Jost, Saturday Night Live

Now that you are here…

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