New Products in Development!

The Wait is over!

KOPA has been around for the past few months, trying very hard to bring unique products to everyone at an affordable rate.

We’ve had some successes and some disappointments.

What we have discovered is that our products have been very well received, even if there was a slight delay in some of our products.

We do our best to bring unique products to people, we take time to design all our products, and work with Australian / NZ designers, looking to create items that people enjoy.

Starting a new business is not an easy task, and attempting to start a designer brand introducing unique products has it’s challenges, but with the support of our early adopters we’re thrilled to announce a new line of products we ‘re looking to release. If you’ve navigated to this blog, we’ve got a special deal for you. Help us answer a few question on the new products and we'll send a gift to a few of you guys! 



This new list of products have been surveyed by our early adopters, and we’ve taken into consideration what they have suggested. We believe in listening to people when designing and creating our products, after all it’s the people who will be using them.


Click on the item you'd like to see us further work on, answer 3 simple questions and we'll select a few people to receive a free gift!


You’ll love it from “Day 1” The chair was designed with the idea that you will be completely void of disruptions once seated. The chair will wrap around your body completely giving you a quiet private space, no matter where you are. It's not a egg chair, it's far better!


The coat stand designed from natures fractals. When creating this item, we took inspiration from the branch of a tree. Natures very own coat rack.
The form of a tree protects us from the elements, and the humble coat stand provides a simple and elegant method of convenience we generally overlook.


The ORB coffee table is blend of futurism mixed with modernism. The coffee table is an ode to geometry and how the world around us is slowly drifting away from the traditional elements of linear geometry into parametric designs.


The Edge coffee table will allow our customers to choose from 3 distinct leg forms along with their own unique colour. With the success of our KUBE custom builder, we’re bringing in the EDGE to give our customers complete flexibility to choose what they want in a coffee table!