Why should you go for customised products?

Few consumers actually CARED about customised products.

Because it was the age of industrialisation, the time when Henry Ford told his customers that they can have the car in any colour they like—"so long as it is black”. Despite how this statement may sound rather unattractive today, it was the golden rule that ensured the enormous success of the Ford Model T—the most basic yet practical automobile for anyone who had a decent salary during the time.

Yet, the thing is, times have changed. As consumers now tend to have a few extra bucks to spare, the idea of investing in customised products suddenly seem less crazy than it used to be. In fact, some of us would even go so far as to say that “If it's not customised, is it really yours?

Nevertheless, the logic behind the favour towards customisation is actually rather simple and obvious. If you’d like to know more about it, please read on as I’ll unpack some reasons why custom products should be the norm in the modern market.

Death to limited selections

customisation, customization

The greatest appeal of customised products is not rocket science: instead of choosing from an existing range of products, you have the chance to design and purchase the item exactly the way you want it.

It’s a fun process that we go through on a daily basis without even realising. For me, it happens at the moment when I sit down to do some blogging, and it's practically Mission Impossible to not customise fonts or colour themes for at least half an hour first (yes, also procrastination at its finest).

At the same time, the process is rewarding in its own way. With the right product visualisation tool, buyers will potentially have unlimited combinations of colours, fabrics and accessories that could be applied to custom products.

That is to say, you don’t ever need to worry about that awkward situation where you’ve probably checked every showroom in the city, and just can’t find that right piece of furniture that fits into your room’s colour scheme.

“Make me the one and only”

Customisation, customization, unique

Imagine, if you will, two t-shirts are delivered to your doorsteps at the same time.

One of them is a one-size-for-all that is possibly purchased in bulk from Kmart; while the other one is well-fitted with a colour that complements your skin tone and with your initials embroidered on the side. I think we all know which one we are going for.

This is because that, truth to be told, we now live in a society where individualism is much appreciated. As people are growing to be more self-directed and autonomous, we tend to consider uniqueness and independence as important parts of our cultural values.

It is not surprising that many brands are already making their moves on custom products—such as NIKEiD, a service that allows customers to design their own Nike products; but in no way is the trend limited within the fashion industry, there are also food, technology, automobile, beauty, office appliance… you name it.

Therefore, why would you ever compromise, when you can simply customise?

If you are interested in the experience of customised products, we might just have the right one for you! 

Our Kopa Builder—a 3D viewer that allows you to customise the colour, fabric, configuration and accessories of our products—is currently piloting with the KUBE sofa on our website. Feel free to check it out here and have things your way!