5 Ways to Give Your Kitchen That Cosy Vibe

What does it take for a place to be like home? We hear you ask. Granted, every person has their own concept of home; however, this is also exactly what everything the place is about — a warm, personalised and unique space that provides a sense of “there's no place I’d rather be” at the end of the day. Therefore, as the hub of a home, sometimes it’s just not good enough for a kitchen to be a stark and cold place where you’d only be to whip up a quick dinner in 10 minutes.

Good thing is, it doesn’t actually take much to transform your kitchen into a more inviting space where friends and families could spend some quality time together. Follow the simple tips below to spice thing up!


1. Add some texture

With the abundance of stainless cutlery and kitchen appliances, it’s always a good idea to bring in textures with a sense of warmth so that your kitchen doesn’t seem as it’s completely dominated by lifeless metallic objects.

There are some hassle-free ways to do this. However, nothing beats the timelessness of a nice, woody piece of furniture when it comes to toning down the hardness of the kitchen.

Not to brag but, KOPA’s latest HABYT dining table is definitely our top choice here, as it comes in matte white or ash veneer top with solid ash frame that makes it elegant yet flexible to suit your space in different ways.

2. Include “warm” materials

To make a home livelier, it always comes down to the smallest things such as by simply including some fabrics in the room. For example, having a stylish throw casually placed on the dining chair could (literally) bring warmth to the room especially in chilly seasons like now. Or, a lovely cotton rug that complements the ambience of the kitchen never hurts especially when redecorating on a budget.

3. Choose the appropriate lighting

Despite being a seemingly trivial element, an ill-illuminated kitchen can come off as slightly off-putting not only for guests but also for yourself. If you wish to make good use of natural lights, consider simply opening up the blinds or changing them into lighter shades if you prefer privacy.

Alternatively, lighting the space up could also be as simple as choosing a lamp with character, which not only provides the essential glow but also a dash of vibrancy to the kitchen.XO-LAMP

4. Non-kitchen item helps

Who says you can only have pots in the kitchen? When it comes to bringing positive energy to a home, you only need a few beautiful plants appropriately scattered in the room to get the job done. What’s that? The walls are also looking a little bare? No other thing says “you” more than a couple of family photos and favourite artworks. That way, you can decorate the kitchen while personalising your space with precious memory.

5. Don’t forget style

With all of the above being said, we still need to keep in mind that, most importantly, it’s essential to keep your kitchen in style. Consider decorating your space with furniture that comes with personality. Such as our favourite piece, APEX table from KOPA’s latest dinning collection, a playful take on the combination of geometric frame legs and the smoked glass top. Don’t be afraid to add a bit of drama to space by mixing and matching your favourite elements!