What's a Rub Count & Why it Matters to you!

So you’re about to purchase this great looking piece of furniture, you’ve searched high and low for something like this and ensured the price was right!

The time has come for you to decide on which colour choice you want. Do you go for the millennial pink, or a neutral blue? Before you make the choice, you remember your friend telling you about the measure of a high-quality fabric, then you confidently ask the sales;

“Excusez moi, does this product have a high rubcount”?

He responds vigorously;

“yes! Over 10000”.

WOW! You think that’s pretty good, knowing you have no idea what it all means...

Little do you realise that, 10000 “rub-counts” technically known as the Martindale unit, is used to measure material abrasions & 10000 is relatively low. Generally reserved for private use, so it’s like purchasing a no-frills battery compared to the energizer bunny, none the less it’s an awe-inspiring number 😊

Well KOPA has been lucky enough to team up with Woven-Image, a supplier of high-performance textiles and upholstery. Woven Image was established in 1987 after identifying a strong need for design driven textile products. They've partnered with superb designers like, Adam Goodrum, Benjamin Hubert, Liesl Hazelton, David Caon & The Distillery

Based in Australia, it’s become a leading business to business supplier of high-performance quality fabrics, not to mention progressively sexy colour range.

We’ve recently worked with Woven-Image, on our TWIST stool. Our focus on design resonates strongly with Woven-Image. One of our key values is to support the local design industry & we couldn’t have found a better company to work with.

In this visual series, you’ll find the TWIST in 6 new colourways from WovenImage, waterproof upholstery FOCUS-HP range. Ivy, Blush, Emerald, Sunshine, Rust and Lavender. These colours will be added to the TWIST line and in due time to the FACETT & KUBE as well.

Twist Stool + Woven Image FOCUS HP.

The colours  are reflective of the contemporary move towards a more gleeful approach to design. The new colour line mixed in with the geometry of the Twist or Facett almost presents a return to the Memphis Design movement, which was a slightly unexpected yet playful result. Oh and you’ll be happy to know, all FOCUS fabrics have an Martindale (Rub Count) unit of 100,000. which is extremely long lasting!.