You guys had questions!

Wow, we sold 23 Lamps in one day...

I wasn’t expecting that sort of response, So thank you to everyone who bought an XO Lamp! We sold 23 last week, which means we’ve still got 51 of them left. To help sweeten the deal I’ve left some discount codes for the XO Lamps. At the bottom of the page!

You guys actually had questions... lol

Okay, so we had a few questions come in about KOPA. It seems some of you interested in learning more about design, e-commerce, and supply chains. I thought I'd respond to 1 of these questions and see if there was interest in our successes and failures for anyone interested in this field. If there is, I'll keep sharing our journey.

Question 1 - What next?

Besides poor spelling, and bad grammar I’m hoping what we’ve done here won’t discourage people to start their own e-commerce business, I’ve moved onto a new venture, but hoping to Keep the spirit of KOPA alive in my new venture.

For those of you who are interested, please jump on over to DISCOVRR. In the spirit of KOPA, our goal was to build a tool that would be able to assist local discoveries. This time though, armed with the lessons learned from KOPA. We’re building a community first, and actually have a marketing strategy in place before we launch the product. lol

Discovrr Team


Question 2 - What would you have done differently?😂😂😂

Sooooo where do I begin? 😂

From day one we faced huge challenges. Marketing, Customer Service, Web building, Supply. In complete nativity, we wanted to tackle everything at once. Upon reflection one of the critical mistakes we made was entering into this business with the mindset of a designer.

You know most designers are taught this romanticized view of the world, I’m not putting designers down, but effectively we are taught very little in terms of Business. Our goal was to do one thing, create beautiful products at an affordable price. As students of architecture, we watched on in awe at the price tags of modernist pieces of furniture on sale, pieces we admired and studied. I mean who the hell has $10,000 to spend on a designer bar cart? You know who? Not people on a meager architect's salary, that's who.

That's the reason why we started KOPA, leveraging our design capabilities to provide affordable products. An honourable pursuit! ...


Jimmy Hard at it at KOPA HQ! You ain't buying $10K bar carts in these working environments... 

One of the key difficulties we face was, we designed it but failed to promote ourselves. This was when we started to understand the importance of marketing.  Now I know most of you who are interested enough to read this are probably thinking. "DUHHHH, the world is built on marketing. Well, you step into any design class in any modern university and see if there's anything in the curriculum on marketing. 

Marketing was always something we shunned in design, there was always this belief that your work should speak for itself when in actuality, most famous designers have great Press and Marketing teams behind them.

This was a costly mistake we made earlier on, not focusing on a strong marketing strategy, diving in headfirst, and putting way too much emphasis on design and development.

Conclusion, understand marketing strategies, more importantly, these days, digital marketing. Figure out how you're going to sell the products before you even consider making them. 

KOPA design

We put soo much time into design before we even considered how we were going to sell products, it was no surprise on day one of our website launch, we made $0 dollars.