"We want to change the way people think about design. No, it shouldn't be unaffordable and Yes, good design should be accessible to everyone."

KOPA was founded in 2016 by Jason Lu & Joseph Rowe. We love creating and saw the wealth of young designers here in Australia that needed a platform. Our mission is to give young designers a voice and provide everyday people, like us, an opportunity to experience a story rather than just a product. 


We're a group of architects / designers and misfits who are tired of bad design and elitist snobbery. We care about design and want to provide good design to everyone, not just the select few. All of our products go through a long design process and we do our best to ensure it's at a price point you're comfortable with. We're Australian owned and work with designers here and abroad to guarantee you get a unique product with a story.


We stand for good-looking products delivered in an ethical manner. We don't intend to flood the world with useless junk, and we take pride in safeguarding our products are designed with sustainable principles, ethical treatment and above all, quality. In the world we live in today, it is possible to do our due diligence and to ensure our customers are getting a premium product whilst also enduring future design trends.