kopa labs

We're on a mission to understand how design and technology can work hand-in-hand, providing consumers with something that's both beautiful and pragmatic.


    Design is everywhere we go. What we see, touch, feel and even smell. KOPA believes that good design encompasses a wide range of disciplines. Carefully thinking about design and its metaphysical relationship to our surroundings is equally important as the visual result of what you create. A lot of the time we take good design for granted. Seeing an item as visually pleasing is only half the story. The process to create it sometimes is within the details, and KOPA believes that this is what matters most.


    The future of KOPA depends on you, the consumer. We're excited to be researching new ways of product experience, and are currently in the process of bridging the gap between design & technology. We're seeking new methods of providing quality items to you and ensuring the technology component everyone keeps talking about isn't a missed opportunity. Wouldn't it be wonderful to choose the products you want, with technology, whilst not jeopardising the design? That's exactly what we aim to do. Stay tuned for what we release next!


    The world is changing ever so quickly that it's sometimes hard to keep up with what style, fad or trend is in. KOPA always looks to the future, but learns from the past. Our ethos has always been to bridge the gap between the past and future. We understand that as we move deeper into the digital age, it's important for us not to lose sight of what we've learned from the past. KOPA values traditions and hopes to apply it to their future products.